Lawbreakers not Lawmakers.

So it has come to pass, on the second reading of Boris Johnson’s Internal Market Bill, 340 MP’s voted to pass it, breaking international law. The party with the reputation of being for law and order, have voted to break the law and throw Johnson’s own oven-ready Brexit deal into utter disorder.

I covered the subject of the Internal Market Bill from the point of view of the freedom excuse that they were touting already, but now votes have been cast, intent has been revealed and although admittedly it still has stages to go before this bill gets passed into law via royal assent, 340 MP’s have, by voting for this Bill at 2nd reading, which despite the name is the first chance MP’s have to debate a bill, declared to the nation that breaking the law is OK and declared to the world that the UK is even more deranged than originally thought.

The Mother of all Parliaments reduced to a laughing stock. It isn’t actually that funny though. We’re only at this point because Boris Johnson never read his ‘oven-ready’, ‘bung it in the microwave’ Withdrawal Agreement and now finds it incomprehensible. Ed Miliband exposed this brilliantly:

Johnson is a rabbit caught in Ed lights…

Well don’t stop there Ed, finish him!

He senses blood, going in for the kill…

Let’s not forget that getting the Withdrawal Agreement through was pretty much the only thing we remember from the December General Election, anything else sadly played second fiddle to Get Brexit Done. In a virtually single-issue election, the very promise Johnson made to the electorate, that handed him an 80-seat majority to do so, has been broken. The Tories might make out that its all about sovereignty and ruling ourselves and not taking rules from anyone else but making the rules ourselves. Well, you’re certainly making up new rules for yourselves alright, and little things like national legal obligations are no longer seen as obstacles.

We’ve seen this government become increasingly totalitarian over the course of recent months and without any trace of irony, in a blatant example of do as I say not as I do, Priti Patel does the media studio rounds this morning telling us all to snitch on our neighbours if they aren’t following their ridiculously partisan rule of six diktat, whereby you cannot assemble in groups larger than six for certain things, like, seeing your own family, or having a birthday party, or play football, but you can if you’re going on a grouse hunt or plan on shooting something else because they count as licenced outdoor activities. You can’t visit granny, but granny can go to work, you can’t have your friends round for a birthday party, but you can see them in your bubble at school. Essentially it boils down to not being able to meet in groups of more than six unless someone is making money off it, or somebody gets to kill something — they’ve privatised social interaction!

We cannot have order without rules and rules only work when they apply to all of us without exception. The government are exempting themselves every time something gets a bit tricky, they simply haven’t the brains to deal with such complex negotiations, just an absurdly massive sense of entitlement that says we can do what we like. They’re like the Generals sitting around to tea and tiffin, whilst sending the light brigade out charging and we’re the light brigade, we’re the ones who’ll be hurt by their incredibly irresponsible behaviour.

Simply put, any law, and rule they now put before us we should question on the basis of why should we follow the rules when you they break them? They’ve voted away any entitlement to authority, any right to make rules. This is a government that no longer has any moral right to govern.

Sadly morals & respect for the rule of law are absent from the government. When every living former Prime Minister regardless of party has condemned this, when all Attorneys General since 2010 have condemned this, you know this is a damnable move. This is a government of crooks and the rest of the parliamentary Tory Party is little better. Just 2 Tories rebelled last night, kudos to them, several more abstained, so never rocked the boat. They could’ve sent a powerful message, they could’ve stopped this nonsense now, but despite the very existence of this Bill being a breach of international law and indeed good faith, they’ve opted to give the government the benefit of the doubt hoping for changes at committee and report stages. No amount of change to this bill negates the fact it violates international law. Are the abstainers going to find some balls and stand up for the rule of law, or will they be satisfied with some minor rewording? Will we again be reliant on the House of Lords to try and stop this? Will at the end of the day the Queen have to give royal assent to breaking the law?

The Labour legend Dennis Skinner once reputedly said “half the members opposite are crooks”, to which the speaker told him to retract. He then said “OK, half the members opposite aren’t crooks”. That isn’t the case anymore. They’re now ALL crooks and we can’t continue to passively stand for it.

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